Image: Servers water cruet and bowl

Servers assist the priest during the celebration of the Eucharist by carrying candles, holding the book of prayers, and setting the Lord’s table. This ministry is open to adults and boys and girls in Grade 4 and up. Training is required.

Image: Lector

Readers proclaim the scriptures with faith and skill to enable the members of the assembly to listen to the Word of God. Practice and reflection on the Word of God are part of the lector’s weekly preparation for the proclamation of the Sunday readings. This ministry is open to adults and young people (Grade 5 and up). Coordinator is Jack Rizzo.

Image: Body and Blood of Christ

Communion Assistants (Extra-ordinary Ministers of Communion) help in the distribution of holy communion as ministers of the consecrated bread and cup at the Sunday Eucharist. This ministry is open to high school students and adults. Coordinator is Larry Byrne.

Image: Sacrastin Preparation

Sacristans prepare the necessary vessels and materials for the Celebration of the Eucharist. They put out the chalices (cups), ciboria (plates) and cloths, place the bread and wine at the gift table, and light the candles. This ministry is open to individuals, or couples who wish to work together as a team. There are sacristans for weekday Masses and the Sunday Eucharist. Training is provided by an experienced person. Sacristans usually serve once a month. Various Coordinators.

Care of vessels and vestments: throughout the week in preparation for the Sunday Eucharist, the cups, plates, clothes and serving vestments need cleaning and arranging. Volunteers also carry out minor repairs to servers’ vestments.

Sewers and Cloth-makers: these volunteers make major repairs to vestments and sew new... + Read more

Image: Junior Liturgy

Liturgy of the Word for children in Grades JK to 4 is presided over by adults who co-ordinate the proclamation of the scripture readings for children and lead a discussion on the readings of the day. Older children also assist. Readers for Junior Liturgy proclaim the scriptures at the Sunday Junior Celebration of the Word. This ministry is open to those in Grade 4 and up.
Coordinator is Paula Moore.

Image: Children's Chior

Cantors lead the singing of the assembly and proclaim in song the responsorial psalm.

Folk / Contemporary Choir: Members of the choir assist the assembly and lead them in singing the hymns and acclamations of the Eucharist at the 9:30 am Sunday Mass. Coordinators are Brian Vincentine and Mary Olson.

Junior/Youth Choir: Members of the choir assist the assembly and lead them in singing the hymns and acclamations of the Eucharist at the 11:30 noon Mass. Coordinator is Silvana Loughheed.

Instrumentalists accompany the singing of the assembly and play during parts of the celebration in order to provide an environment and atmosphere of prayer and worship.

Image: Baby being baptised

Baptism Preparation: Team members visit or meet with a family to help prepare them for the Celebration of their child’s Baptism.
Coordinators are Marg and Larry Byrne.

Image: First Communion

Catechists are those who echo the word of God to those seeking instruction in the Catholic Faith in the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults). This ministry is exercised as part of a team that reflects and shares on the Sunday readings and assists others in the process of initiation into the Catholic Church. The RCIA meetings take place one a week in the evening. Coordinator is Maureen Vincentine.

Ministers of Hospitality (or Greeters) create a friendly atmosphere by welcoming the members of the community and guests to the celebration of the Eucharist and provide hymn books and information as people assemble in the church.

After Mass Social provide refreshments after the Sunday Mass in order that parishioners may meet and socialize on a regular basis (once a month).

Collectors (Ushers) pick up the monetary offerings of the assembly and assist in the seating of the assembly when necessary. They also pass out the parish bulletin as parishioners leave the Church.
Coordinator is Dave Lyon.

Ministers of Communion to the Homebound bring Communion to parishioners who, because of illness or age, are not able to attend the Sunday Eucharist on a regular basis. Training and materials are provided. Coordinator is Deacon Joe Kennedy.

Ministers of Communion to the Hospitalized bring communion to and visit with those who are hospitalized on a short or long term basis. Training and materials are provided. This ministry is exercised in conjunction with St. Michael and St. Joseph Parishes.

Volunteers for Nursing Home Services assist the residents, especially those in wheelchairs, to come to the Church Service and participate with them in the various nursing homes in the City. Masses are held monthly at Quinte Gardens and The Richmond. Prayer Services are also conducted by the Catholic Women’s... + Read more