Society of St. Vincent de Paul

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Belleville has two St. Vincent de Paul groups that work together but have very different ways of helping the poor.

Most people are aware of the St. Vincent de Paul Warehouse at 205 Coleman Street. The store accepts second hand clothing, furniture, books and household items. These goods are then sold to anyone who wishes to buy them.

The second group is made up of members from the three Belleville Catholic Churches. This group is divided into teams and each week a team picks up phone calls from people in need of furniture, food or clothing. Two people visit the person in their home to see the need and take some history. The members then try to get the requests from the Warehouse or other sources. They can refer the person to the Food Bank, Community Trust or Credit Counselling. The group meets every 5 weeks to pray and review the cases that were helped. Money comes from the parishes. St. Joseph's Parish covers the phone and answering service.

Warehouse: 1 (613) 962-8675