Catholic Women's League

Image: Crest Catholic Women's League of Canada For God and Canada

The Catholic women’s League of Canada is a national organization, rooted in Gospel values, calling its members to holiness through service to the people of God. Our meetings are held usually on the third Monday of the month following the 7pm Mass, which is offered for the intentions of the Catholic Women’s League members. The meetings consist of prayer and spiritual reflection, information, perhaps a guest speaker, and always fellowship and treats. Our membership drive is in the fall. We encourage all women of the Parish to join. Membership dues are $25. We realize that not all members can attend meetings and be very involved in the work that the Catholic Women’s League does in the community, but your membership is still important. At the National level the Catholic Women’s League has a great deal of influence because it is an organization that represents so many women from coast to coast. The National Executive is often sought out and is listened to by the policy makers of our Country. So it is important to add your name to those numbers. The membership campaign is in November, and there is an envelope for that purpose in with your Holy Rosary Parish envelopes. However, you can join at any time. Contact Michelle Embury at 613-922-3256.