Direct Deposit Donations

Direct Deposit Donations or Pre-Authorized Giving is available to parishioners of Holy Rosary Parish. This is a convenient and hassle free way to make your contribution to the work and maintenance Parish, especially if you are away for part of the year or travel a lot.
Parishioners determine the amount they wish to have withdrawn from their bank accounts to represent their total donations for the month.

All parishioners are welcome to register for PAD instead of using Offering Envelopes.

1) Donations can be withdrawn from your account monthly, either the middle (15th) or end of the month;
2) Donations must be at least $25.00 to qualify;
3) Donations can be made to the Sunday Offering and/or for the Building Fund. You decide when completing the form and let us know ;
4) Special or Diocesan Collections would not qualify for Direct Deposit. Church envelopes would still be needed for these.

Some reasons parishioners choose PAD are:
• they find they forget to bring their donation envelopes to Mass;
• they travel during the summer/winter months or are housebound and wish to ensure their support continues during their absence from the parish;
• they like the convenience of PAD.

Calculating your monthly donation: Since some months have five weeks, it is suggested that you divide your total yearly donation by 12. This will give you your monthly donation. Or, if you do not know the total of your annual donations, multiply your weekly donation by 52 and divide by 12.

All parishioners are welcome to register for Direct Deposit instead of using Offering Envelopes.

If you wish to register for Direct Deposit Donations, please submit the following to the parish office in a sealed envelope marked: “Direct Deposit Donation”
• a completed Authorization form (found in the Atrium or Parish Office);
• a copy of a bank cheque marked VOID.

If you have any questions please email: